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Some companies are marketing their KDF filters to people that have no idea that there is another type of chlorine with ammonia added to it, called monochloramine. Probably all the water plants in the near future will convert to chloramines to meet government standards. The filter companies are not telling people about this. People are using their products to protect their families drinking a shower water for years from chlorine while in some cases they have been ingesting chloramine. When I asked the company why they wouldn't take the filters back in exchange for a couple of filters for my gravity style machine they said I should have known that they wouldn't work. I figure there are allot of these people that don't know so I told them I'd help spread the word. There are plenty of good filters out there that will work and you don't need to buy these filter until the manufacture gets them improved to handle chloramines. Just check it out before you buy. If you have one, get the water checked or call the manufacture and ask them will their product remove this dangerous chemical and if not why didn't they advise you about it. I went to our water companies web site and checked the water specs and found it there. I hope this helps you decide which filter will work best for your needs. If you use an RO unit remember to add mineral drops to your water as RO strips them out of the water and your body needs minerals. Please leave a comment. Thanks